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31 July 2010 @ 05:33 pm
Fringe - The Transformation  

This is just a little short thing with my thoughts on Fringe episode 1x13 :)

This was a great episode and it was a turning point for me in season 1. It turned everything we thought we knew upside down, and this was one of the first episodes were that happened, only to happen often in the next season.

I think the John and Olivia story was played beautifully and nice. I always enjoyed their history and relationship, and this gave it the ending it deserved and made it possible for Olivia to move on. The last part by the lake was great and bittersweet.

Best quote from that episode: "Christmas" "And we all look forward to see how she works that into conversation." - Actually I liked the entirety of that, Peter and Olivia fooling the bad guys and Charlie knowing exactly what Olivia is up to. I still miss Charlie!