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tbbt - season 3 actors

Season 3 - The actors

I have to admit that while I love the 1st and 2nd season of The Big Bang Theory, the last season fell short for me. The plot and storylines doesn't seem well thought out and are at times just cheap tricks on behalf of the characters and their development. I wonder if this is because the creator know they are safe for another season and therefore feels it's safe to slack of, or if the show is running out of ideas. I don't think it should, the premise and characters have much more to play with and I think they could do better. But that's just me though. And as I talked about here, I think they are relying to much on Jim Parson's comical talent (not necessary a bad thing), but I'm not going to talk more about that here, since I just discussed it :)

But enough about that. In this entry I'll focus on a element in the third season that shines on, even if they are given material that aren't as good as we could hope - The five main actors and the way they play their characters.

The actors on this show has, in my opinion, always given good performances and delivered as a group week after week. But in this third season I can see that they work better together and the chemistry between the actors are better than ever. It is noticeable that they have played together for quite some time and are now friends (or treasured acquaintances, I don't know ^^). They are safer with each other and the material at hand. This means that, even if season 1 and 2 have given me my favourite episodes, writing and plot lines overall, season 3 holds some of my favourite single moments and interactions between the characters.

The five main actors work well together as an ensemble and most of them work in different groups/pairings. Jim Parson is a show-stealer in much the same way as Neil Patric Harris is as Barney on How I Met Your Mother. He more often that not draw my eye in a scene even if it's not focused on him. The writers have seen this and he is more featured this season with entire episodes that only work because of his comical talent.

Some examples: The Bozeman Reaction (3x13) and The Einstein Approximation (3x14)

He is also almost the only one of actors who works well alone with all the others. A perfect example of this is The Pants Alternative (3x18), were he gets to play of all the others one by one.

The only other actor who can steal the scene for me when Parsons is in it is Kaley Cuoco. The two of them work really well together and I always enjoy Penny and Sheldon's dynamic. She gives Penny the best facial expressions and reactions :) And I think she has done Penny's transgression to a more grown-up and geeky character really nice and subtle. I also think that she and Johnny Galecki handled Leonard and Penny's relationship well. I may not think the writers always wrote them good, but the actors got the jokes right :)

Season three also holds the Bernadette/Howard story arc and I think Simon Helberg did the new side of his character really well. Kunal Nayyar hadn't anything much to do this season, but he had some great comical moments. I always laugh during his jokes. I especially loved his musical t-shirt and him feeling empowered dressed up as Catwoman.

Now I'm just looking forward to see the Emmy's to see how our guys will do :D

Please post any thoughts you have! Agree? Disagree? let me know!
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