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HIMYM - Arrivederci, Fiero

"Arrivederci, Fiero" is HIMYM on it's best. I love to get back story and character development in a show that does focus a lot on comic relief. I've also been doing my exams and been listening to the Proclaimers, so that's why I wanted to write something about this episode!

More about that, and some gift-goodies after the jump!

I also love the Proclaimers and "I'm gonna be (500 miles)" and it is the perfect car song. There is a fine line between a song that works for an entire episode and one where you want to rip your hair out half-way through. I wonder how long they spent on finding the "perfect" song for the episode. It's also a song that fits young Marshall's taste in music and I like that kind of continuity. I also think it is the perfect play on how the theme of the episode is how many miles the Fiero has gone and that the song also is about distance.

The song goes for so long before it's explained and I like that. It leaves us wondering why they are only playing that song before Marshall explains it. I also love the way they turns the time line around. Like showing the cigars/chopsticks at the beginning and then explaining why there are chopsticks there later. And again with '500 miles' were we saw how it got stuck in the car at the very end. This is helped by the way the time is recorded by the miles on the car.

You can see how different Marshall and Ted is, but how their friendship grew into what it is today. It is the same with Lily and Robin, but we have already gotten to see their relationship grow.

Another good move is that in the story about the 100k fiasco it's now-Ted, not Bob Saget who's the narrator, but since we through the series have gotten used to Ted (Bob Saget) as a faraway narrator, it takes me a little by surprise when Marshall corrects him and we're back in the present-napkin-folding-day. It's a nice way the writers comment their own writing style by breaking it down and still use the elements that make us comfortable in the story.

Personal highlights:
* Lily/Barney's folding sequence
* fierofiasco vs 100k fiasko - They always have such great names on events and things and I love seeing moments were they aren't quite clear.
* "I live in the moment" Douche!Ted is awesome :D
* Barney has some great lines in this one: "Middle, left, right?" and "Love it? I hate it!" are my favorites.
* Barney's expression in the background when Robin says she smashed the window.
* The cutting between Lily and Robin in the apartment and in the car later with food all over them is great. It makes Lily's line so much better ("wow, these breaks are really sensitive!")
* Robin's Pulp Fiction reference in the car.

* I've uploaded "I'm gonna be (500 miles)" by the Proclaimers here, for your enjoyment! (hxxp -> http, rename to mp3)
* I'd be willing to upload the episode itself, so if someone wants it let me know!
* A little off topic, but I know there are some David Tennant fans on my flist and this video is made of win! David Tennant and the Proclaimers singing 500 miles

Please post any thoughts you have! Agree? Disagree? let me know!
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